Wahoo Leash Plug KitWahoo Leash Plug Kit

Wahoo Leash Plug Kit


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Overview of the Wahoo Leash plug kit:

The wahoo leash plug kit is a popular alternative to drilling all the way through your new board. This easy kit mounts a sturdy plug anywhere on your deck. Flush mounting and no hole in the bottom! Comes with a .5 oz tube of Sponge Rez-a cutting device and the plug.

Alternative Surf Staff take:

This plug makes a lot more sense than drilling a hole through your board. Unbelievably strong. 100% waterproof. Places flush anywhere on your board and won’t distort hull skin like other plugs. Installs with super strong SPONGE-REZ included in package, along with pins to lock the plug in place. Let it dry for a full 24 hours for full strength.


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