VIPER V5 Yellow dot Swimfins


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Viper V5 Yellow Dot Swimfins:

The Viper V5 Yellow dot fins are the most known fins. The V-5 has a five inch blade, and is designed to be an all-purpose fin for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, and lifeguarding. The vertical side rails are slanted down to a narrow tip. The V-5 is very light weight and has excellent acceleration, maneuverability, tracking, and burst speed. The V5 Model features less blade surface than the V7, allowing for shorter and quicker kicks.

Size Chart

  • X-Small (5-6)
  • Small (7-8)
  • Medium (8-9)
  • Large (9-11)
  • X-Large (11-13)

Alternative Surf Staff Take:

These are the most powerful fins on the market, hands down. These fins will give you plenty of kick to paddle into any wave that you can imagine.


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