toobs hexx pp bodyboardtoobs hexx pp bodyboard

TOOBS Hexx PP Bodyboard- 2019


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The Toobs Hexx PP Bodyboard

The Toobs Hexx Pp Bodyboard The Toobs Hexx PP Bodyboard is an extremely versatile board to have in your aresenal. It is perfect for dropknee DK or for attacking the pit while on prone. Nice template for a mixture of everything! The guys at TOOBS BODYBOARDS have been in the industry for a long time and they put their expertise into every sled.


1.9lb. Polypropylene core
Single Stringer in the 41.5 & 42.5 inch
Double Stringer in the 43.5 inch
Surlyn PP Slick Bottom
Standard Channels
Crescent Tail


Available in
41.5 inch length, 11.5″ nose, 21.125″ widepoint @ 20″ down from the nose, 17.75″ tail
42.5 inch length, 12″ nose, 21.625″ widepoint @ 21″ down from the nose, 18.25″ tail
43.5 inch length, 12″ nose, 22″ widepoint @ 21″down from the nose, 18.375″ tail

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