No.6 Insidious IdolNo.6 Insidious Idol

No.6 Insidious Idol

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From No.6…A first for bodyboarding in the IDOL…EFC Type-A Core.  A completely engineered bodyboard core that simulates and exceeds those specs of PE.  With a vast majority of bodyboarders surfing in colder regions, stiffer core can “freeze” up making flex patters needed for projection difficult to achieve.  Type-A core keeps a wicked “K” Factor…that is a major bounce back with just the right amount of flex in colder water temps of 60 degrees F and lower.  We have outfitted the IDOL with 8pcf Cellucushion for extra soft and familiar touch in those frigid temps.  In warmer water…the IDOL will react like a bodyboard that has been sweetly broken in and will keep on giving long past it’s PE counter part.  Weilding versatile shape for prone and dropknee…this board will take you to the next level!

Length: 42″
Nose: 11.5″
Width: 21.5″
Tail: 18.5″
Thickness @ Deck: 55mm

(43″, 41″, 40″ Models scaled to size)

EFC Type-A Core

Blunted Nose with Surlyn Nose Grips

Slanted Channels


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