No.6 Covenant V2 Elite 42.5"No.6 Covenant V2 Elite 42.5"

No.6 Covenant V2 Elite 42.5″

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We pushed our development team to the limit. The new Covenant V2 features an ultra-refined template and new compression celled diamond elbow bracers. Under the elbow we have placed a lower density impact pad for heavy landing and better grip when engaging turns and landings. The Covenant can handle it all…ramps and wedges to down the line speed hauls. For flat sections speed runs…we have included a 3x triple concave bottom channel for more lift and speed. The concave creates an air pocket that lifts riders through flat spots enabling better transitions into launching ramps ! We spec No.6 decks down to the mm.  This enables us to be ever so precise with subtleties of the deck efx as not to interfere with the comforts of riding. Features new Vaporcel XLPE skin for more flex and cushion.

Length :  41.5″
Nose : 12″
Width : 21.75″
Tail : 18.5″

PP core with 1 Stringer

Blunted nose

Triple 3x Concave Channel Bottom
Vaporcel 6pcf XLPE
Slanted channels

Wing tail

55mm thickness


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