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The Hubboards Hubb PP HD Bodyboard

In the words of Jeffrey Hubbard – The Hubboards Hubb PP HD Bodyboard-  makes riding waves in the ocean is one of the most special and enjoyable things in my life. Thus I designed my Hubb edition boards to provide me with the perfect template in order to maximize this experience and increase the amount of fun I can have on any type of wave, regardless of shape or size. The Hubb edition template can maximize speed effortlessly and is easily controlled in the most critical of situations. Whether driving through long deep funneling barrels, launching off perfect wedge sections or flying high through the air creating new moves. Performing and Landing technical moves has never been this easy as the control and stability of the board are the best in the world. The Hubb edition will satisfy every wave riding requirement you have and more.


  • PolyPro core (PP)
  • HD Slick
  • Channels
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Single stringer (40″)  Double stringer (41.5″) or Triple Stringer (44″)

41″ Dimensions:

Nose: 11 1/4”
Width: 20 7/8” @ 16 1/2”
Tail: 17 3/4”
Single 1 Stringers

42″ Dimensions

Nose: 11 5/8”
Width: 21 1/4” @ 17 1/4”
Tail: 18 1/4”
Single 1 Stringers

43″ Dimensions

Nose: 11 7/8”
Width: 21 5/8” @ 17 5/8”
Tail: 18 1/2”
Single 2 Stringers


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