Hubboards deluxe fin tether swimfinsHubboards deluxe fin tether swimfins

HUBBOARDS Deluxe Fin Tethers




Hubboards Deluxe Fin Tethers

The Hubboards Deluxe Fin Tethers are like pillows for you ankles, designed to make your swim fins fit more comfortably and also keep them tightly secured to your feet. The deluxe fin tethers are soft, durable, lightweight and now features a new adjustable side-release buckle. Using deluxe fin tethers can be extremely helpful by always allowing your fins to stay attached to you feet especially in challenging wave conditions and minimizing any blisters or chaffing to your ankle.

  • 2mm Neoprene Fin Strap Padding
  • Adjustable Side-Release Easy Snap Buckle

Alternative Surf Staff take:

These deluxe fin tethers will keep your fins locked onto your feet and into comfort. They allow your fin to stay put instead of using fin tethers where they can fall off and save them. These keep them locked on and you won’t have to worry about losing them!


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