H2O Santa Cruz HoodH2O Santa Cruz Hood

H2Odyssey Santa Cruz Hood

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The H2Odyssey Santa Cruz Hood

The H2Odyssey Santa Cruz Hood is the Surf hood that is perfect for protection against frosty offshore winds and frigid ocean water on those crisp winter days. 3mm thick. When in between sizes, order the smaller size as neoprene will stretch. These surf hoods will fit in any wetsuit as they just tuck under the neck.

Size Chart:

XS = 18″

S = 19″

M = 21″

L = 22″

XL = 23″

XXL = 24″

Alternative Surf Staff Take:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive hood that will help with the cold mornings, this is the hood for you! Easy to use with any wetsuit, and at a very inexpensive price.


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