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Gyroll Wrist Leash


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The Gyroll Wrist Leash

The Gyroll Wrist Leash was created by Mike Stewart (MS). No other leash on the market compares. Gyroll leashes have the highest level of comfort, quality, design, construction, durability & functionality. These leashes use one piece of fusion moulded urethane which means no glues, seams or joints so the unique compact, spiral cord is never in your way.


  • The unique compact spiral chord is never in your way
  • one piece fusion molded urethane
  • dual split ring for strength with ergonomic bow tie webbing
  • constructed from the most durable and reliable materials
  • Engineered for ultimate strength and elasticity
  • Comes with fully threaded three cover plug

You won’t know it’s there. No other leash offers the same level of comfort quality, design, construction, durability and functionality.

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