No.6 Goliathe Icon 43.25″

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The No.6 Goliathe Icon Bodyboard

The No.6 Goliathe Icon Bodyboard is from No.6…No other board company has matched the specs of the ICON.  Why this remains so escapes our very thoughts…we all know who gets the most waves when they want and how they want.  To add icing to the cake…we have developed a machine of uncompromised specs for bigger framed riders.  We have specially calibrated a core with a maximum 62mm thickness…custom developed for out Goliathe program.  This core enables riders of large statures (200lbs and 6ft /-) to finally have the bouyancy needed to power through critical tube sections with ease all the while keeping ever so nimble and add speed to even the launching for huge aerial moves.  We took design to the extreme giving the ICON a triple concave bottom for ultra fast release and speed, 2x Dual carbon fiver stringers, deck bracers with forarm grooves for blasting lips and taking the maximum punishment any wave can dish out.

Length: 43.25″
Nose: 13.5″
Width: 23″
Tail: 20.25″
Thickness @ Deck: 60mm

Thickness @ EFX: 63mm

PP Core

Blunted Nose with Subtle Nose Grips

Slanted Channels with Triple Concave

2 Carbon Fiber Stringers


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