Toobs Bodyboards

Toobs Bodyboards is located up in Morro Bay, but made accessible through our bodyboard superstore. We have the largest selection of Toobs boards on the market! They can custom make you a handmade bodyboard, or pick up a stock board that is ready to purchase. You can’t beat the quality and versatility of what they can do, at a very affordable price.

Legends of innovation and progression, Mike Brum (MB) and Buzz (B) have worked side by side throughout the years developing and progressing the crafts that we now ride while helping to cultivate the careers of some of the industry’s most influential shapers. The sound of foam cutting, the heat of the laminator, and the smells of molten hot foam is an unforgettable experience. My life since joining the BBR staff has had some amazing experiences but this was one day that I will never forget as long as I live.

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