Alternative Surf Bodyboard shop was founded in 1995 as the first bodyboard and accessories retailer in the United States with both a shop location and an online store. The Frazzetta family took ownership of the shop in November, 2010. Ryan Frazzetta has a passion for the sport and can often be found riding waves at local beaches when not working at the store.
Alternative Surf’s mission is to be the “go to” provider of bodyboarding equipment in the United States and the world by providing the greatest selection, best equipment at the best prices for all bodyboarders. We want newcomers, advanced riders, experts and pros to call Alternative Surf home. We are dedicated to promote the sport and to give back to the bodyboard community.

Bodyboard friends from all over the world stop by the store when they come to California.  So come by the shop to see what we are all about. All of our staff are active wave riders that love and live the sport of bodyboarding. They will give you great advice about all of our products as well as local surf info.